Gulshan Chemicals Private Limited is the premier producer of Sodium Hydrosulfite in India. We use modern equipment and state of the art technology to produce excellent quality Sodium Hydrosulfite to cater to the requirements of our consumers from diverse backgrounds such as textile, pulp and paper, and healthcare industries.

As a highly experienced and efficient chemical manufacturer in the country, we emphasize on building strong customer relationships by providing unmatched services and premium quality products at highly competitive prices. Right from the product development and manufacturing, to using safe and environment friendly methods, we are committed to offering excellence at every step.

Backed by a team of qualified and devoted senior chemical engineers with over 100 man years of expertise in Sodium Hydrosulfite manufacturing, we are the pioneers of Sodium Formate based Sodium Hydrosulfite industry in India.

Our products are fully accredited, which means we follow the necessary standards and certifications. We offer smooth, hassle-free and timely delivery of products.


Emphasis on the health and safety of the employees, environment and communities

Dedication to build honest relationships with vendors, distributors and customers

Commitment to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices

Endeavour to innovate and utilize modern production technologies

Empowerment of employees to create value for the business and the customers

Our Story

Gulshan Chemicals has always been at the forefront of offering innovative, quality and trusted products and services to our customers. The company was founded in 1985 and commenced operation with the commissioning of its Sodium Hydrosulfite plant in 1988.

The plant, established with majorly indigenous components, in-house technology, and domestic engineering, fabrication and construction, was one of the few plants in the world to adopt the Sodium Formate route, which was a fairly new development at the time. Even with limited resources in India, the plant was built at a nominal cost. In its 30th year of operation, it is the largest plant in India in the category, and its product under the brand ‘Gulshan Hydros’ is a name to reckon with.

Led by a professional chemical engineer and through constant R&D, Gulshan has achieved expertise in producing high quality Sodium Hydrosulfite at a low cost and without damaging the environment.

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